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A photographer based in Mumbai and Delhi, who specializes in portrait and architecture photography.

I have┬ávivid memories of helping my two brothers in making photo albums made by sticking photos cut from newspapers and magazines to an old notebook. I started taking photography seriously while I was working as a Network Engineer in Doha and happened to meet Jaber Al Azmeh, fine art photographer from Damascus who was running ‘Dow Photography’ in Doha.

After I came back to India, I started working in ‘India Photo Project’ with Sumit Dayal as Feature curator where I went through a huge number of photographs and articles every day to filter artists and works to be featured in the magazine.

Later that year, I went on to become an on-set photographer for the Amazon web-series ‘Made in Heaven’ which lead me to a few more movie projects and eventually pulled me to Mumbai. In the film industry, I had the opportunity to work closely with and observe great personalities like film-maker and music composer Vishal Bhardwaj, filmmaker Zoya Akhtar and award-winning cinematographer Ranjan Palit and many others.

I currently live in Mumbai and work as an independent photographer.